The Elkhart County 4-H Fair Parade is a much-anticipated community event.

With up to 30,000 people in attendance along a three mile parade route, patience and cooperation are needed. To help everyone involved, please read and abide by these rules as you plan for and participate in this year’s parade. Please especially note that to help with traffic, your entry will be held on the infield of the track at the fairgrounds after the parade. Your entry may be held there several hours. Once the incoming traffic dissipates, the fair traffic directors will allow you to leave the fairgrounds.

Please note these recent changes:

  • Clubs with motorized vehicles are limited to 12 sub-units. This is done because of our staging areas are filled to capacity. Multiple entries for the same club are not allowed.
  • The 4H Fair Parade order will be staged using a computer generated random number, except for 4H clubs and parade dignitaries. We had to do this because of the large volume of special requests we were receiving.

Please do not call with special placement requests.



    1. The theme of this year’s parade is “Honor the past. Celebrate the present. Embrace the future”. Use imagination and good taste in creating your entry/float.
    2. The parade will stage in the parking lots at Linway Shopping Plaza, Rogers Park, and Ares Fitness located in the general vicinity of the intersection of West Lincoln Avenue and Chicago Ave in Goshen, Indiana. Members and Friends of the Goshen Noon Kiwanis club will be in the staging areas to help you find where to stage your float. A registration table will be at the far west of the Linway Plaza parking lot. Registration will begin at 10:30 A.M. Each unit will be assigned the randomly generated ID number at registration. The parade will step off promptly at 1:30 P.M. once traffic has been cleared from the streets. The parade director will make the final decision on any and all parade related activities.
    3. Categories for Parade: Group Description
      1. * 4-H Club Floats from Elkhart County
      2. * Youth & Agricultural Clubs from Elkhart County (examples: Drill Teams, Saddle Club, Girl & Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs)
      3. Marching Bands & Musical Units- Self Contained (i.e. Calliope, Square Dance Groups, Pep Bands, Etc.)
      4. Equestrian Units (Other than 4-H)
      5. * Open Class FLOATS or units carrying out the Parade Theme
      6. Fraternal Organizations (examples: Shriner’s, Exchange, Kiwanis, Rotary)
      7. * Antique Automobiles & Tractors: 50 years or older
      8. * Commercial Entries that are not carrying the Parade Theme
      9. *Judged Categories
    4. Judging will be done along Main Street in the Goshen Business District.
    5. The parade is a community event. In respect to the community we need to make sure the parade keeps a steady pace. This is for the sake of all involved, including participants and spectators, please make sure that all members of your entry, including walkers, are able to keep the pace of the parade.We work hard to keep the parade moving, if your unit is not able to keep pace with the parade you may be asked to pull aside.
    6. All winners will be announced at the Grandstand and awards will be presented at that time. Monetary awards can be picked up at FAIR OFFICE after 12:00 Noon., Monday following the day of the parade
      • PREPARE a 40 to 50 word statement to be read as your unit passing in review before the grandstand. This statement will also be used for public relations and other media. Statements should be TYPED so that the announcers can easily read them.
      • Presentations before the judges stand and grandstand need to be limited to 60 seconds. After performing your unit needs to quickly close up the gap in the parade that was created. Failure to keep your performance to 60 seconds and close up the gap shows disrespect for other parade participants and spectators
    8. There will be NO RAIN DATE this year. The parade will go unless there is a State Of Emergency in effect.
    9. There is to be NO handing out or throwing of any items from ANY MOVING vehicle (motorized, horse drawn, or people powered). Handouts are allowed by responsible persons walking adjacent to respective unit preferably 8-10 feet from units and close to curb line.
    10.  Any club with motorized vehicles including but not limited to, motorcycles, cars, tractors, and jeeps will be limited to 12 vehicles per entry.
    11. Do not call the parade director to ask for special placement. The parade will be staged using a computer generated randomly assigned order with the exception of parade dignitaries and 4H clubs.
    12. AWARDS are as follows:
      Group 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
      1 $250 $200 $150 $125 $100 $75
      2 $250 $200 $150 None None None
      5 Trophy Trophy Trophy None None None
      7 Trophy Trophy Trophy None None None
      8 Trophy Trophy Trophy None None None
    13. If you have any questions please Contact Us
    14. Curtailment of sirens and air horns are requested for emergency vehicles. Electronic sirens are too loud for many of the spectators along the route.
    15. PURDUE DISCLAIMER –  As a state institution, Purdue University is mindful of the legal requirement to maintain viewpoint neutrality among religions and between religion and non-religion.

      Purdue University’s relationship with volunteer 4-H organizations in each of Indiana’s 92 counties to deliver 4-H youth development programming should not be taken as Purdue’s approval or endorsement of the speech, expressive conduct, and/or symbolic or nonverbal speech undertaken by such private nonprofit entities. Purdue does not endorse or sponsor the viewpoints expressed or conveyed by speech, expressive conduct, and/or symbolic or nonverbal speech undertaken by such private nonprofit entities. – 1156160v1

    16. At the conclusion of the parade all floats will be held on the infield of the grandstand at the fairgrounds. Floats will be released from the infield when traffic and parking control personnel decide that traffic had died down enough to allow the floats to exit the fairgrounds. Please be prepared have your float held for several hours. Please consider enjoying the fair as you wait!