Group 1 4-H Club Floats from Elkhart County Group 1 will be previewed at 12:30PM. 4-H Leaders need to make sure that their club is ready for judging at 12:30 P.M.

Group 1 floats will be judged using the following criteria:

  • Theme Use –25 points. How well does your float communicate the Fair’s Theme?
  • Quality of Design – 15 points. How well was the space used on the float? How well were colors and materials chosen?
  • Utilization of 4-H members –25 Points. Are the kids a prominent part of the float, or are they just catching a ride to the fairgrounds
  • Quality of Workmanship –20 Points. How neat and precise was the workmanship? How good was the structural design?
  • Overall Presentation – 15 Points. How well does the theme, quality of workmanship, and use of 4-H members flow together? Does the float look like a cohesive unit?

All other Judged Categories

  1. Floats should be decorated on both sides and display a four to six word theme or slogan. The name of the sponsoring organization should be conspicuous and may be either on the hood, cab, tractor or on a lower edge of your banner. Unit #’s should appear on front right side of vehicle. Numbers are assigned at parade registration

  2. ALL FLOATS are to be at their place and assembled in the Linway or Rogers Park staging area by 12:15 P.M. AT WHICH TIME “PRELIMINARY REVIEW” WILL BEGIN. Please have all personnel who will be riding the float assembled on board float by 1:15 P.M. You should have one representative check in at the registration table between 10:30 A.M. and 12 noon to acquire number and confirm staging location.

  3. Judging will be based on the following criteria:

    A.Promotion of the ideals 4-H B.Similarity between float Design and Parade Theme C.Aesthetics: Color, Materials and Workmanship D.Overall affect: Creativity and Originality

  4. Comments from the Kiwanis Club Parade Sponsors:

    It is our intent to provide adequate time for the judges to impartially review your entry. Please keep your entry in numerical order as it passes the judges and the grand stand.

WILLIAM BIGLER MEMORIAL TROPHY The William Bigler Memorial Trophy will be  presented to  the entry best representing the Parade Theme in the opinion of the judges..